How it works


Can't travel because of the lockdown? Looking for something new to expand your horizons?

At this difficult time simple technology can come to our rescue. All you need is an internet connection, a computer, a tablet or even a smartphone and we are good to go.


Before the class we will provide you with a list of ingredients and of any equipment you might need so you can get organized and not miss a single step. And after the class you will receive the recipes by email in a PDF file to keep.. and use.. forever.


You book the class, choosing the time that will allow you to participate wherever you are around the globe.

You will receive a link by email for payment, and once payment is confirmed you will recive an invitation to join us in videoconference. Just a few minutes before the class time log on and join us in our virtual space, where we can reach out and touch hands from our kitchen to  yours and you will follow every stage of the dishes live.